How to apply for taboola ads

On the off chance that you are a distributer, there are two different ways to apply Taboola advertisements for your site.

Initially, you ought to present your demand to Taboola, in the event that they concur, you will regsiter a record on Taboola site and you would yourself be able to make an advertisement code. On the off chance that the promotion code is actuated, you can set on your side (advertisement zone) and Taboola promotions show up.

Besides, if your site is too little with low activity, you can call assistance from a promotion arrange, they will associate you and Taboola and furthermore you get advertisement code to add on your site.

Possibly I think in some circumstance, bolster from advertisement arrange is more helpful than your push to associate Taboola specifically. Since, you are not a VIP distributer to Taboola, and if there is any issues, they can't settle when promotion systems do.
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