what is the difference between blog and website

what is the difference between blog and website...
What is a Blog? 
what is the difference between blog and website

A blog is essentially a web log that a blogger makes use for sequential posting of blog entries. A blog has the latest substance indicated first took after by the beforehand refreshed substance. A blog can be effortlessly begun with administrations like WordPress,blog and so on and needn't bother with you to begin something from the scratch, giving you the whole framework including configuration layouts. 

A blog blossoms with new substance and more refreshed it is, the more consideration it will get. That doesn't mean huge amounts of scraps will rise to gold mine. Quality and frequently refreshed substance are cases of a decent blog. 

Essential distinguishing proof of Blogs: 

An ordered posting of blog entries. 

A remarking framework that welcomes perusers to take an interest in the correspondence and abandon remarks. 

Blog entries are filed by date, classification, creator, labels and sub-classifications. 

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) channels for posts or potentially remarks for channel perusers like Feedly, and so on. 

What is a Website? 
what is the difference between blog and website

A site consequently can be anything. Anything on the web displayed in HTML/CSS or Java/Javascript/Python/Php, and so on contains a site. A webiste might be complimented with a blog, yet the landing page would be more to browse different pages and not simply posts. Completely useful and eye-infectious sites are typically taken a toll expending assignments as you would need to develop from the base. Anyway with stages and administrations like Adobe Dreamweaver, you could construct your own site. 

A blog can be a piece of a site, as a different page and connected to the landing page. A site is a greater perspective and its constraints are little to none. A site could be anything from a solitary page to a 1 Billion-clients informal organization (Say, Facebook). 

Essential ID of a site: 

A landing page that presentations content from a few segments of inner site pages. 

A plan arrangement of work. 

A blog may be a piece of a site, yet not by any means the only thing. 

A Frequently made inquiries page that perusers can peruse to get more data. 

A page of customer tributes and input. 

Organization's terms and protection articulations pages. 

A Contact frame that enables guests to connect. 

An administrations/items page that showcases what they bring to the table for the guests.
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